'Cause My Baby Just A-Wrote Me A Letter...
Thanks for dialing me in!
Music Submissions may be sent to me directly:
Allison Brock / Bloodstone Productions
806, 15th Street South
T1J 3A4

Email Me: If you have a hankerin' to contact me for various reasons, radiobrock@gmail(.com) is your best bet.
Let me know what's on your mind, who you're listening to, likes, dislikes, requests etc.

Musicians... if you would like to send me your music for airplay consideration PLEASE NOTE:
* I am old-school and still prefer the touchy-feely experience of a hard-copy CD. I'm one of those broadcasters who still appreciates having finished copies with cover art, liner notes & album credits in front of me when I'm spinning tunes.

* A brief BIO enclosed is always appreciated, so I don't have to track your info down on the web. Relevant upcoming tour dates are also helpful.

* I will accept advance copies of releases, but prefer full-length albums to singles (which can get lost in the piles)

* The GREAT thing about technology is that any budding musician can now record an album of material and hope to get it out to the whole wide world.
The WORST thing about technology... is the same!!

Performers often ask me to preview / review / critique / download their releases on their websites. These days I tend to have VERY little time available outside of previewing discs for the purpose of recording my shows, so please understand that I usually CANNOT do this for you and provide feedback, especially for an up-and-comer  who does NOT have a professionally recorded and released compact disc.

Occasionally I am asked to provide a quote for liner notes or even an "endorsement" for a performer's music. This is something that I will only consider IF I truly like and believe in the performer AND their music.

Of course, if I figure your music is just too darn good to wait for I may download it, but to be honest it's time-consuming and I'm a one-gal show.
Broadcast quality mp3 files can be quite large, and when much of my computer time is spent on show research and recording... well, you get my drift.
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