A&M - David Bowie
A&M - Janet Jackson
I had bugged A&M to sign Jann Arden for a while. They finally did, but I had JUST moved over to Sony. My good buddy Julian was the A&M rep
Sony - Celine Dion
Sony - Chris Whitley
Sony - Chris Whitley
Sony - Gloria Estefan
Sony - Pearl Jam in Vancouver being presented with their FIRST EVER (Worldwide) GOLD RECORD
Sony - 54-40
Sony - Michael Bolton
Sony - Ricky Van Shelton
Virgin - John Lee Hooker
Virgin - John Lee Hooker receiving his very first gold disc for The Healer. Also seated to John's left is Sam "The Record Man" Sniderman.
Virgin - Bryan Ferry
Virgin - Keziah Jones
Virgin - Rolling Stones' "Voodoo Lounge"
Virgin - Me & Mick. Rolling Stones' "Voodoo Lounge"
Virgin - Janet Jackson
Virgin - Paula Abdul
It's funny digging through these old photos and seeing what the heck I was wearing and what my hair was like. It's also an interesting exercise trying to remember some of the other people in the shots who I haven't seen for years.
It's actually surprising just how many of them I do bump into on a regular basis considering the way the music industry has gone over the years. Some of them are still in the biz, while others just love being out west and have found other careers here.
Lynn Miles was on tour through Alberta & swung by to fool around and play some tunes
Lynn Miles showing off a sharp coffee mug and giving a plug to the other station that I have a show on - MIX 97.7
A quick Q&A with Lynn Miles before she wows 'em!
Nice shot of Ottawa's Lynn Miles on stage at The Ironwood Stage & Grill during the Wide Cut Country 10th Anniversary gig
I've known Stephen Fearing for many years, and he just happened to be touring through Alberta at the right time.
Though he didn't get up with Stephen, Andy White was in the crowd. The guys often write together and were touring as a duo to polish up some songs for an upcoming CD.
Stephen Fearing - One of Canada's best, and when he's not flying solo he's a member of Blackie & the Rodeo Kings
Oh yeah! He means it!
Conrad Walz on stage
Conrad Walz is another Calgary-based roots musician who always has a few different projects on the go.
A quick hug from Conrad in between acts
Tim Williams on stage
Tim Williams is one of those guys who can write, sing, play, produce, and generally have several projects on the go at any given time.
Probably best known for his work as a Bluesman, Tim Williams had just released his CD of cowboyin' "memoirs" called "When I Was A Cowboy". Very Cool!!
Calgary's Cam Penner (with or without his band "The Gravel Road") has been a staple on WCC over the years, so it was great to have him come down and play for the big bash.
Cam Penner on stage
A group huddle with "The Joe-Defendants" - L to R: Ross watson, Kit Johnson, Me, Steve Pineo, Tim Leacock
A great Calgary institution "The Joe Defendants". Formerly called "The Co-Dependants" when Billy Cowsill was in the band, the guys just didn't think it was right to keep the same name after Billy died.
Karla Anderson came down from Edmonton to be with us. What a great soul that woman has. All-rounder Tim Leacock helped out on guitar.
If you've never heard her before, check out Karla Anderson's music.
Karka Anderson can certainly capture an audiences' attention - even before noon on Saturday.
Pre-show chat with Ian Tyson. Not sure just what I was saying, but there's hand gesturing goin' on!
Still Smilin!
Ian Tyson has been on Wide Cut Country as often as I can snag him. When I called him this time he said: "Sure I'll come down, nothin' else to do but hang out in the wind"
Ian's always easy to talk to, & a real crowd-pleaser. He can still tell a good story with the best of 'em.
Ian Tyson got up early and came in from his ranch in Longview to sing a few tunes, including a brand new as-of-then unreleased song.
Ian Tyson playin' to the audience @ the "old" Ironwood Stage & Grill.
Ironwood owner and Roots music supporter Pat MacIntyre had been working 24/7 for quite a while on the "new" Ironwood, but dragged himself down to the "old" club for the show
The one-of-a-kind embroidered shirt was an anniversary gift from the staff at CKUA
Session man / producer and Joe-Defendant Tim Leacock on stage
Joe-Defendant Steve Pineo on stage. Another of those guys who's comfortable playing a ton of different genres
Denise Withnell of Cowboy Celtic dropped by to take in the show
Making sure I didn't forget to thank anybody - especially the audience
Still a contented packed house at the end of the show.
CKUA had a foamcore banner made up for the event that all of the performers signed
Photographer of many events at The Ironwood, John Duff. John was good enough to take a lot of the close-up pics at this show, and many are displayed here - THANKS JOHN!
Most of the close-up "on stage" pictures shown here are courtesy of this guy in the hat. He's a big music fan and you can see him around Calgary at tons of gigs over the course of a year - especially taking photos down front at The Ironwood.
So be sure to say HI to: John Duff / QMAX Photography
Back in radio after my stint with the majors and as an independent radio tracker etc. "Wide Cut Country" was born when I pitched my show to CKUA, Canada's oldest public broadcaster. Through the years I have been lucky enough to meet, often interview, and sometimes build lasting friendships with some of the artists whose work I love & respect.
This page shows SOME of them.
These were taken at the 10th Anniversary Of "Wide Cut Country"... and I gotta say... this was a BIG DEAL for me, & it turned out to be a great show.
On March 6th 2009 we packed The Ironwood Stage & Grill in Calgary, & treated the audience to EIGHT great musical guests in two hours. A lot of changeovers, but our great production crew nailed 'em all!
Many thanks to Karla Anderson, Stephen Fearing, Lynn Miles, Cam Penner, Ian Tyson, Conrad Walz, Tim Williams and The Joe Defendants (Steve Pineo, Tim Leacock, Ross Watson & Kit Johnson). All of these performers, along with the Ironwood management & staff, the patient standing-room-only crowd, everyone listening on the other end of the radio, the production crew & everyone at CKUA - YOU ROCK!! Thank you!
My years working in Promo & Marketing for various labels were a heck of a lot of fun. I got to work with people like Leonard Cohen, Celine Dion, The Stones, Bryan Ferry,
Pearl Jam, Chris Whitley, John Lee Hooker & tons more. Below are just some of the shots taken on various occasions along the way.
It's always great to broadcast live from the folk festivals and to have guests come on the show. Here's a shot of Guy Clark on "Wide Cut Country" from the
Edmonton Folk Music Festival 2002. Unfortunately I can't find any more pictures from EFMF 2002 OR 2003, but I'm sure there are some more kicking
around somewhere.
It was great to have Guy Clark on Wide Cut Country back in 2002. Definitely an early "live broadcast" hilight for me
2003 Calgary Blues & Roots Festival. Gurf Morlix, Me, Mary Gauthier & my future husband Martyn
Tammy Rogers on fiddle to the left. Buddy Miller (closest), Emmylou Harris, Gurf Morlix
L to R: Jeff Plankenhorn, Mary Gauthier, Gurf Morlix
Calgary was lucky enough to host a Blues & Roots Festival in 2003 & 2004. Although I wasn't broadcasting live from the site either year, I did have in-studio guests prior to the music getting underway.
2003 saw Mary Gauthier, Slaid Cleaves and Gurf Morlix dropping by to talk and play. It turned out to be the start of a great friendship with all three of them. Again, there aren't too many photos around from these festivals, in fact I could only find three from 2003 (Right).
I got to emcee several times during the 2004 festival, including introducing Rosanne Cash
After introducing Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain Boys' set they were kind enough to let me be an honourary Clinch Mountain Gal
Jimmie Dale went AWOL but I  managed to snag Joe Ely & Butch Hancock for a quick pic
Jimmie Dale Gilmore on stage during The Flatlanders set at the 2004 Calgary Blues & Roots Festival
Greg Trooper came by the studio to sing & chat before heading down to the 2004 festival.
As Greg left, all three of The Flatlanders walked in the door.
You never know quite what to expect when three long-time friends come by for an interview. It can often
end up being an "old boys club" session with inside jokes and stories.Well Joe Ely, Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Butch Hancock were one of the greatest band interviews that I think I've ever had. No pretentions.
What you see (and hear) is what you get... Three Texas Gentlemen!
Guests dropping by during the live WCC broadcast from the
2005 Calgary Folk Music Festival included Mary Gauthier accompanied by Thomm Jutz, a solo set from
Justin Rutledge and Alberta's own Swiftys.
Justin Rutledge flying solo on Wide Cut Country from Calgary Folk Festival site 2005
Mary Gauthier & Thomm Jutz LIVE on Wide Cut Country
Mary Gauthier performing "Mercy Now" for the CKUA audience
Swiftys belting out some great raw roots country
I'd later end up working with Barney Bentall during my Sony days
Bob Rock
Bruce Cockburn
CKIK was credited with breaking Steve Earle in Canada. Alberta continues to be his strongest Canadian market
With Timbuk 3, & also with 3 young guys still VERY much in the Alberta music biz (L to R): Greg Curtis, Don Snider & Terry Wickham
Melissa Etheridge
Darby Mills from Headpins far right
Larry Gowan
Tom Cochrane & Red Rider
I headed down to Austin, Texas for the 2006 SXSW Music Conference.
Tons of great music to see & hear, but I managed to get a whole bunch of interviews in the can for future WCC shows, as well as calling into CKUA each day to recap happenings with David Ward, host of CKUA's "Afternoon Edition"
There were LOTS of highlights, but getting in to see Alejandro Escovedo's SXSW wrap-up at The Continental Club when Garland Jeffreys & Charlie Sexton sat in was probably THE one for me.
My post-sxsw interview with Alejandro in Wimberley turned out to be
VERY memorable. I ended up airing the interview when Alejandro played
Calgary in January 2007. He asked me for a copy of it, and he listened to
it back in his hotel room prior to the show.
We had supper with him that evening and he raved about the interview.
He now mentions it every time we meet. For me, THAT'S COOL!
Mary Gauthier just hangin' out at the CKUA tent during Wide Cut Country
Gurf Morlix & battered hat on Wide Cut Country
What a great trio! Left to right Eliza Gilkyson, Mary Gauthier, Gurf Morlix. All three have a great fan base amongst CKUA listeners
2005 was a great year at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival too...
Mary Gauthier was there also, and despite the fact she wasn't scheduled as a guest she came over to hang at the CKUA tent anyway.
​My "official" guests were: Gurf Morlix, Eliza Gilkyson, Laurie Lewis & Tom Rozum as well as The Bills
and Kieran Kane, Kevin Welch & Fats Kaplin.
CKUA was an integral part of Alberta Scene in 2005. A celebration of Alberta's great pool of talent, Alberta Scene took over Canada's Capital City of Ottawa for a week in May of 2005. CKUA brought much of the experience to its listeners back home in Alberta by broadcasting several of the events live.
Wide Cut Country showcased The Calgary Fiddlers, The Swiftys, Old Reliable and Corb Lund, and ended off with Ian Tyson. The show took place that day in the lobby of Ottawa's National Arts Centre.
Ian Tyson came on Wide Cut Country the morning after a superb concert the night before in The National Arts Centre
Corb Lund (with one heck of a moustache) is always a popular guest of Wide Cut Country
The Calgary Fiddlers found some suitably western repertoire to play and dance to
CKUA's Brian Dunsmore checking time and schedules during a break
James Hand is the real deal! He can rip your heart out with a song... as well as his life story
I had met Sam for the first time earlier this day when I had  interviewed him. We hit it off right away
OK get serious buddy!
Bruce Robison was a great guy to interview; which we did in his office above the  recording studio
Darden Smith & I at Opal Divine's Penn Field location during John Conquest's NOTsxsw showcase
Susan Cowsill & I had initially been in touch by phone after her brother Billy passed away. I did a 2 hour WCC tribute to Billy talking with family & friends.
Susan Cowsill on stage at the Blue Corn label showcase
Alejandro Escovedo sat and chatted for a couple of hours outside a coffee shop in Wimberley, Texas. That's not his bike.
At the time Alejandro lived In Wimberley. He's always been a regular guy, and it was great having his friends & neighbours passing by and saying HI
I'd just finished interviewing Dale Watson and was heading over to interview Hank III. The guys know each other well, so I ended up with a great photo opp
Dallas Wayne and Redd Vollkaert after a Saturday morning gig at The Continental Club
One of my Outlaw Country heroes, Dallas Wayne
Years earlier, Garland Jeffreys was my introduction to world music. It was great to finally see the guy live
I'm a lousy "fan", but just had to go up to Garland in the break & say HI! He reached out to shake my hand and spilled his whole glass of orange juice over my jeans
Lousy shot... but a great show!
I could gladly have listened to a whole evening of Stephen Bruton, but unfortunately he had a brief opening slot at Antones prior to heading off to play with Kris Kristofferson
This was unfortunately the only time I ever got to see Stephen Bruton live
There were plenty of other non-interview highlights for me too: getting to hear Kris Kristofferson, Garland Jeffreys, Marty Stuart and especially catching
Stephen Bruton, who sadly passed away a few years later.
Also caught live were Uncle Earl, James McMurtry, Jon Dee Graham, Sarah Borges, Adrienne Young and a whole whack more.
I can highly recommend SXSW to anyone who is into music of ANY genre.
For some strange reason I don't seem to have many pics from the 2006 Calgary Folk Music Festival.
Guess I'll have to keep checking and post them if they ever show up. Romi Mayes was scheduled to come by but got held up along the way and couldn't make in the end due to workship conflicts.
One of the guests who DID make it down to play that day (check July 29, 2006 on my Music Page) was Robbie Fulks who was a very amusing guy to talk to, and I did actually manage to find some shots of him.
Calgary's Tom Phillips and also Jaxon Haldane from Winnipegs' The D. Rangers managed to drop by the booth too.
Hungry Hill, A Great Bluegrass band based in the Yukon finished off the show for me that day. Unfortunately I don't appear to have any pics of them.
The Edmonton Folk Music Festival of 2006 saw Paul Kelly, Le Vent Du Nord and The Porkbelly Futures come by the CKUA tent for interviews and to play for us. Shown here (L to R) are "The Porkbellys": Rebecca Campbell, Martin Worth and the late Paul Quarrinqton who was also a very talented author. Once again, digital photo storage ain't all it's cracked up to be, as the shots of Paul Kelly & Le Vent Du Nord have gone AWOL over time.
Porkbelly Futures
Here are some earlier B&W career shots, starting out with my years at CKIK in Calgary...
There were some great times at the various labels, and some life-long friendships were forged.
A makeshift awning on a rainy Saturday morning at the Edmonton Folk Fest allowed Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez to play live, with Mike Lent on bass
That's John Platania on guitar, hiding in the shadows to the left of Chip & Carrie, while Neil MacGonigill makes a handy tent post
Fred Eaglesmith on WCC, live from the Edmonton Folk Music Festival
The 2004 Calgary Folk Music Festival had an amazing line-up, and I was able to snag a full complement of guests to come on Wide Cut Country. Once again, there ARE photos kicking around somewhere, but for now I can just tell you that my live on-air guests were: Rhonda Vincent & The Rage, Carolyn Mark, Po'Girl, Arlene Bishop, andSteve Coffey & The Lokels. In some ways, this show is responsible for kicking WCC Folk Festival broadcasts into a higher gear.
A couple of weeks after the Calgary festival was the 2004 edition of the
Edmonton Folk Music Festival, and I was again honoured to have a great bunch of performers dropping by the CKUA tent to perform
live from the site.
Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez, John Reischman & The Jaybirds, Fred Eaglesmith & Oh Susanna are shown here, while I'm missing shots of Lynn Miles, The Swiftys and also Blue Rodeo's
Jim Cuddy who stopped by just for an interview.
Well, if you were one of the lucky crowd members gathered around the CKUA tent at the
2007 Calgary Folk Music Festival you were in for a real treat, as you got to see
(as well as hear) not only popular local roots performer Cam Penner, but also two legendary singer-songwriters, Darrell Scott and PF Sloan.
It was just so great to have these guys on, as not only were they great interview guests
with great stories, but the songs they played (old and new) just gave you shivers...
especially PF's acoustic "Eve Of Destruction" that has remained very relevant through the decades since it was written. 
I don't mind admitting that there were another three GREAT guest slots on the 2007 edition of "Wide Cut Country" broadcast LIVE from the
Edmonton Folk Music Festival.
It was great to have Mary Gauthier back on the show again, as well as the WCC debut appearance of CKUA's own Roy Forbes.
Also on the show that morning was Blackie & The Rodeo Kings. Due to workshop schedule conflicts at previous festivals, I could never actually get all three of the guys on the show at the same time. Today was THE day however, and Stephen Fearing, Colin Linden & Tom Wilson were all available. Hallelujah!!
An added bonus for me this year was that EFMF Producer Terry Wickham had called one of the Friday evening "Sessions" Wide Cut Country, and asked me to introduce the scheduled line-up of: Roy Forbes, Darrell Scott & Kenny Malone  as well as
Marty Stuart & His Fabulous Superlatives. Damn... what more could a gal ask for?
Oh yeah... and that's Colin Linden sitting in on guitar with the guys too.
Just another Friday night "session stage" at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival people.
If you've never been... WHY NOT?? Thanks Terry!!
Kevin Welch and Kieran Kane on Wide Cut Country LIVE from Edmonton Folk Festival. Sat listening in the background is David Francey who has collaborated with the guys
Fats Kaplin (on fiddle), Kevin Welch & Kieran Kane
Laurie Lewis & Tom Rozum
Laurie Lewis & Tom Rozum
Eliza Gilkyson blew everyone away. She's a great singer, great interview and a great soul
The 2008 Calgary Folk Music Festival finally saw my buddy Sam Baker playing in Alberta.
People even showed up to see Sam who had never been to a folk festival previously.
Other show guests were: Jesse Winchester, Mark Erelli and Outlaw Social. It was a busy little spot in
front of the CKUA broadcast tent for a couple of hours during Wide Cut Country that morning, and ended up
being quite a busy stage unto itself..
Unfortunately Jesse didn't play, but it was sure great to talk to him & to hear him over the weekend
Great to finally meet Mark and to have him on the show
Outlaw Social
Genuine, funny, and genuinely funny. Sam is a real crowd-pleaser and makes time to talk to any & all fans
We lost a dear friend and a great musician when Billy Cowsill sadly passed away on February 18, 2006. I had known Billy for many years, and he especially loved Calgary for the music community that embraced him and in turn immersed himself in.
I put together a two hour Tribute To Billy Cowsill for the February 25, 2006 edition of Wide Cut Country that featured interviews with many of Billy's friends and musical compadres throughout the years, as well as a VERY special and emotional talk with Billy's sister Susan Cowsill.
Susan and I subsequently met at the 2006 SXSW conference (see above), and a couple of months later she came up to Calgary for a memorial concert that was held at Knox United Church on May 18, 2006.
After-show shot of Susan and cast of contributing musicians
Shot taken during brief rehearsal late afternoon of the memorial concert
"On The Floor Of Heaven - Remembering Billy Cowsill" was hosted by Stewart MacDougall and featured many friends and musicians including: Tim Leacock, Steve Pineo and Ross Watson (Billy's bandmates from "The Co-Dependents"), as well as Jenny Allen, Allen Baekeland, Jane Hawley, Ralph Boyd Johnson, Julie Kerr, Craig Korth, Danny Patton, Tom Phillips, Mark Sadlier-Brown, Mike Stack, Charlie Veilleux and others.

The memorial show was sold out, and an audio/video feed was provided for an overflow crowd in the church basement.
The Province Of Alberta was featured in the 2006 Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington DC.
Being the Provincial broadcaster, CKUA was on-location with a full complement of announcers. I was lucky enough to be there
over the course of both weekends broadcasting Wide Cut Country live from "The Mall", featuring many diverse talents from Alberta's arts community.
Every aspect of what makes Alberta great was showcased during the festival, from authors to ranchers, and from the oilpatch to first nation dancers. Among others who graced the WCC airwaves on July 1st (Canada Day) and July 8th were: Tim Hus, Corb Lund, John Wort Hannam, singer-songwriter / poet / author Sid Marty and cowboy poet Ms. Terri Mason.
John Wort Hannam and band on stage
Tim Hus tuning up on Wide Cut Country
"...and even the SMALL ones are this big up in Alberta..."
One of several panels that I sat in on
Can't remember who it was, but someone had obviously just cracked a goodun!
It was definitely a gals day out at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival 2008 when my special
guests were Alison Brown, Eliza Gilkyson, Romi Mayes and (literally) odd man out Ridley Bent.
Unfortunately I don't have a shot of Alison, but she was a great guest to interview, and she also brought her
 young daughter along with her.
... & evidently someone, somewhere along the way (I'm thinkin' maybe Romi) said something kinda funny...
I had another chance to interview Romi Mayes in early spring of 2009, and took the opportunity to open up my home studio to an interview guest for the very first time.
Romi was in the middle of a tour with The Weber Brothers and they had played a gig the previous night to a packed house at
The Twin Butte General Store. WOW, those guys rock! Sam Weber came by too and added some tasty guitar parts.
Ever since (what became) MIX97.7 went on air, they have been major sponsors of the 2009 Calgary Folk Music Festival. Subsequently I have to wear different hats during the course of the festival weekend, as I also interview certain guests for Night Mix on MIX97.7. Until 2009 I hadn't had any good shots of guests, so here for the first time ever...I can show you some of the guests that I interviewed for Night Mix as well as for Wide Cut Country. You can play "Spot The Crossover" performers(s)!
Hard at work prepping the show and interview questions. The station was still called "Calgary FM" at this point in 2009
Still hard at work...
The Good Lovelies
Great Gals!
Talking with Hayes Carll
Texan Hayes Carll
The always expressive Ray Wylie Hubbard
Ray didn't make it on WCC the previous day as "...my wife and I have been communicating by rumor" (Ray's wife is also his manager)
There were a few other "MIX" guests too, but evidently my official photographer didn't realize that he was supposed to be around 24/7... just in case. Y'know what they say... good help IS hard to find!
The Wide Cut Country 2009 Calgary Edition saw a trio of Canadian female acts perform. My guests were Carolyn Mark, Myrol and The Good Lovelies.
Requests to get Hayes Carll and Ray Wylie Hubbard live on WCC ended up not happening due to scheduling conflicts. At least I did get to talk to them afterwards, over at the
MIX97.7 tent (See above). I love it when a plan comes together!
Carolyn Mark
Carolyn Mark
Toronto's The Good Lovelies
The Good Lovelies
Mother / Daughter duo Myrol
Haley (left) & Joanne Myrol
Haley Rose Myrol
Joanne Myrol
Wide Cut Country On-Air in the CKUA tent at Calgary Folk Festival 2009
Some of the audience watching the show at the CKUA tent
CKUA's Don Marcotte and I on location at Calgary Folk Festival
My fundraising cohort, CKUA's "Afternoon Edition" host David Ward
This is the jam-packed 2009 Edmonton Folk Music Festival... and what a show!!! Wide Cut Country started off with a great live set from Slaid Cleaves & Billy Bright, followed up by Kimmie Rhodes, with son Gabe out on guitar. Are ya likin' it so far? OK then, how about Sam Baker & Gurf Morlix in there too, topped off with Rodney Crowell!?
Yeah, I think this may be my favourite one yet, but I love 'em all... just like your kids right? Anyway, apart from the on-air guests I also sat down for an interview with Raul Malo as well as a more in-depth interview with Rodney Crowell later on that same day. Lots of pics here, but tough to choose from them all.
Slaid LIVE on WCC
Billy Bright playing w/Slaid Cleaves
I think they call this an "artsy" shot
The shots below aren't really associated with the show as such, but all taken the same year in Edmonton at various stages and around the festival site. Oh, and if you're wondering about the one at bottom right...
well, what is there NOT to laugh about during a weekend like this?
"Alberta Arts Days" happened in September 2009 and CKUA had several live broadcasts from around the Province to showcase the Alberta Arts Community. Wide Cut Country had its two hours in the spotlight, broadcasting live from Olds College on September 19th. My guests included Allen Christie, The Polyjesters and Jo Hikk.
Allen Christie
The Polyjesters
Wide Cut Country on location at Olds College
On June 11, 2010 Tim Hus stopped by the Wide Cut Country studio down here near Pincher Creek on his way to a gig in Calgary. Tim's new CD Hockeytown was due for release on June 15th, so I got a sneak preview and also a chance to chat to Tim about the release. The interview aired on June 19.
Tim Hus in the WCC Studio
Tim Hus playing a tune from Hockeytown
The "Hus Bus"
Thanks for checking out the pics! Hope you enjoyed 'em.
Seth Avett from The Avett Brothers in the MIX97.7 tent at the 2010 Calgary Folk Music Festival
Seth Avett in the humble yet colourful MIX97.7 tent
Though Seth was the spokesman, the rest of the band were all there too
A very easy-going interviewee, Michael Franti actually helped me with technical glitch before we got chatting
A very chilled & sincere guy to talk to. What you see and hear in his music is exactly what you get
In case you hadn't figured it out from the other shots... he's tall!
Over in the CKUA tent on Saturday morning of the Calgary Folk Festival 2010 edition we kicked things off with my first guest, Calgary's own J.R. Shore, who was followed by a solo performance by Mark Browning from Ox.
Corb Lund was the third guest that day, and Tom Russell wrapped things up for another VERY smooth and successful live broadcast of Wide Cut Country from The Calgary Folk Music Festival.
Ox's Mark Browning playing "Burnout" LIVE on CKUA
Talking to Corb Lund, LIVE on CKUA's Wide Cut Country
Corb Lund singing "A Game In Town Like This" on Wide Cut Country
Corb doing a version of Tom Russell's "Blue Wing"
Some of the audience at the CKUA tent
Talkin' with Tom
Tom Russell singing LIVE on WCC
Tom wears CK. It's on his hatband
It was another stellar year of talent at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival in 2010. Once again, I could have filled a four hour show with guests that were on my wish list, but travel itineraries and "session" schedules often just don't cooperate. However, in 2010 it worked out that I could get two of Alberta's musical treasures in
Stewart MacDougall and also Dave McCann with his band The Firehearts. Alejandro Escovedo made a very welcome return appearance on the show, and it was really great that Joe Pug was also able to drop by. This was the first time that I had met Joe, but I really dig his music.
Tarps galore! A view of the festival site from my hotel room, which is across the river valley in downtown Edmonton
Once again, I thought I'd throw in some "non-show" shots taken at different stages around the folk festival site. The pics of Alejandro are from his main stage show, as well as from a session stage with Dala, Brandi Carlile and others.
For those who have never been to the festival and seen the great site located in the river valley I've included a shot of the site taken from downtown Edmonton. You can see just how close to downtown it is.
Christy McWilson (w/an injured hand) & Dave Alvin. After a show at the Geomatic Attic in Lethbridge
Dave Alvin & "Guilty Woman" Christy McWilson on stage at the Geomatic Attic, Lethbridge Alberta. March 22, 2010
Dave Alvin on stage at the Geomatic Attic, Lethbridge Alberta. March 22, 2010
Dave Alvin & "Guilty Man" Chris Miller on stage at the Geomatic Attic, Lethbridge Alberta. March 22, 2010
Working out a tune after supper around the dining table. August 2009
Gurf w/toque on the Toques For Texans Tour, February 2010 @ Northern Light Folk Club in Edmonton
Sam w/toque on the Toques For Texans Tour, February 2010 @ Northern Light Folk Club in Edmonton
Sam & Gurf on the Toques For Texans Tour, February 2010 @ Ironwood Stage & Grill in Calgary (1st night)
Sam & Gurf on the Toques For Texans Tour, February 2010 @ Ironwood Stage & Grill in Calgary (2nd night)
Sam proudly showing off his CKUA sticker on the Toques For Texans Tour, February 2010
Sam Baker & Gurf Morlix: I have lots of photos of these two together and individually. Here's just a few, mostly from Feb 2010.
Dave Alvin, Christy McWilson & Chris Miller. The Geomatic Attic. Lethbridge, Alberta. March 22 2010.
Some odds & ends in no particular order
Baba & I at CKUA 2008 Spring Fundraiser Kick-Off at the Bowness Community Hall in Calgary
CKUA 2008 Spring Fundraiser Kick-Off at Bowness Community Hall in Calgary
CKUA kicked off the Spring 2008 Fundraiser with a big bash at the Bowness Community Centre in Calgary. Baba was among those who came down from Edmonton, and Tom Coxworth, David Ward, myself and other "Calgarians" were there too.
I thought I'd spent a long time on that hairdo... Oh Well!
I can tell you that in 2002 The Laws and Lynn Miles were on the show along with Guy Clark. 2003 saw Colin Linden (of Blackie & The Rodeo Kings), and
The Brothers Cosmoline guesting.

At The 2002 Calgary Folk Music Festival live gusts included Mike Stack and Ralph Boyd Johnson, and in 2003 The Backstabbers came by the
CKUA tent for an interview and to provide some live music.
Ian Tyson was actually scheduled to be on the July 8th edition of Wide Cut Country, but was unable to make it. Instead, CKUA announcer Bob Chelmick graciously allowed me to sit in on his Sunday afternoon show on July 9th to conduct an interview with Ian.

Besides my own shows and sitting in with other announcers, I also got to emcee and moderate various panel discussions. Besides all this work, the heat, the humidity, the huge thunder storms etc etc... it was an honour to be invited, and one heck of a lot of fun, as you can probably tell. Many of us also came home from this trip with some great new friends.
Black Joe Lewis had just released "Scandalous" as the music segment of sxsw 2011 began - just a few days prior to this gig.
Hayes Carll singing KMAG YOYO, the title track of his lastest disc. Thanks for the pic (and supper)  Warren Steffen!
hayes with Bonnie Whitmore singing "Another Like You" from KMAG YOYO
The singing voice of George Clooney on the Lost Highway soundtrack to "O Brother Where Art Thou" - this is Dan Tyminski singing THAT song!
A huge success story for Lost Highway, Ryan Bingham did a short but killer set.
Ryan Bingham @ Lost Highway 10th Anniversary show
Definitely a highlight for me to catch Ryan Bingham. His disc  "Mescalito" was one of my favourite releases of 2007
Robert Earl Keen is a guy I've dug for years but never actually caught live until now. Pic courtesy of Warren Steffen
Robert Earl Keen & band @ the Lost Highway show - sxsw 2011
I'm thinking she's Lost Highway's biggest act, Lucinda Williams played a great headlining set at the label's 10th anniversary bash
Just after the March 11 2011 release of "Blessed", Lucinda Williams played a great show including old & new songs. She was 58 when she played this gig & the gal can rock!
These pics from SXSW 2011 may not be the best quality but they make for good memories of a great night at the Lost Highway Records 10th Anniversary bash that took place at the new home of the Austin City Limits TV show, The Moody Theatre.
The line-up... Black Joe LewisHayes CarllRyan BinghamRobert Earl KeenDan Tyminski (did a "tweener"), and headlining the night was Lucinda Williams! Great show!!
Pics were mostly taken on a "smart" phone that just ain't too smart at taking decent pictures. Guess I gotta get me one of those phones with an "i" in front of it for these kind of occasions... when my mobile contract comes up for renewal.
Many of the acts that we saw while we were in Austin were not part of SXSW, although some had official showcases as well as playing several unofficial ones.
Relaxing outside at Sam Baker's
Outside @ Sam's in March &... no snow!
Cool outdoor space with a firepit
Several blocks of 6th street are blocked off during sxsw & it basically becomes a pedestrian mall.
OK... you can find a Mexican restaurant in Austin as easily as a Tim Hortons in Calgary, but if you're looking for a good one, check out POLVOS!
Famous landmark mural
Syd Straw on stage @ Dogwood w/Gurf Morlix sitting in on very short notice w/a borrowed guitar
Amy Speace on stage @ Amelia's, a small backyard behind a retro store. Very cool!
Border Blasters on stage @ Amelia's
Ronny Elliott on stage @ Amelia's
Zoe Muth on stage @ Jovitas
Zoe Muth & The Lost High Rollers at Jovitas
Otis Gibbs on stage Sunday
Jon Dee Graham on stage solo Sunday afternoon prior to becoming a Hobart
Susan Cowsill on stage Sunday before the Hobart's set
Susan Cowsill band (w/Alexis Marceaux& Sam Craft)
The Hobart Brothers & Lil' Sis Hobart (Freedy Johnston / Jon Dee Graham / Susan Cowsill) w/Sam Craft from Susan's band sitting in
With husband Martyn & friend Mike Steffen. Sunday p.m. at OLIVIA Restaurant w/dollar beer & free fried chicken watching Dustin Welch, Otis Gibbs, Hobarts etc
Thieving Birds on stage @ Scholz Garten during a private function for Texas Music Magazine
Great to finally meet Robyn Ludwick, on stage here @ Scholz Garten during a private function for Texas Music Magazine
A few miscellaneous pics of the trip - arriving at Sam Baker's, 6th Street downtown Austin on Wednesday afternoon... you know, the touristy kinda thing.
Amy Speace @ Amelia's
Border Blasters Jimmy Ray Harrell & Todd Jagger @ Amelia's
Hayes Carll was playing a gig for KUT radio in the lobby of the Hilton hotel
Eilen Jewell was one of many acts that we caught at G&S Lounge
With Grant Peeples @ G&S Lounge, and NO... I was NOT drunk, it just looks that way. My lousy photographer didn't take a safety...
With Gurf Morlix @ Dogwood before he headed on stage w/Syd Straw. Disclaimer - the bra is NOT mine! Some woman had taped it there & Gurf kinda liked the idea
Great to bump in to Michael O'Connor (playing with Mary Battiata) @ G&S Lounge. He had stayed with us for a few days when touring Alberta w/Slaid Cleaves in 2010
Slaid Cleaves before his set @ Dogwood
Hard to see Robyn Ludwick under her hat. A great (sunny) Friday afternoon @ Scholz Garten. Did I mention there was free beer?
We ended up running into Ray Bonneville a lot during the visit, but this was our first meeting. He was sat with Gurf Morlix when we got to Dogwood
Martyn had taken a shot of Syd Straw & I but decided we looked too serious. Can't remember what we were laughing at here... maybe my hair?? Should've kept the other shot
Zoe Muth (myooth) & her band played all over Austin during sxsw. An amazing voice just pours out of this young gal with no effort
Me, Me, Me... well, it is MY web site after all, so here are some shots that my "official photographer" (who follows me around pretty much everywhere I go) took, so I'm in 'em all... along with a lot of the acts we saw.
On Saturday we didn't have to move until supper time. We hunkered down for the whole day at Zax Restaurant to see label showcases put on by Music Road, Red House & Signature Sounds. A great line-up with... (your cue to look at the pics below)
Carrie Elkin & Danny Schmidt did individual showcases and also sang with each other. They are MUCH more than just label partners (on Red House Records)
Red House act Eliza Gilkyson had just finished recording her new CD, but unfortunately it wasn't mixed yet.
Joint owner of Music Road Records, Jimmy LaFave helped organize this showcase as well as playing
Hadn't seen Kevin Welch since he was up in Alberta a few years prior. He made the move from Nashville to Wimberley (not far from Austin) a couple of years ago & is now on Music Road
That's Jane Gillman & Mandy Rowden flanking (Music Road's) Sam Baker. He'd just started doing some dates as a trio
... as well as Stonehoney, Slaid Cleaves (both Music Road label acts), Storyhill, Ray Bonneville (Red House), and on the Signature Sounds label, Zoe Muth & The Lost High Rollers and Eilen Jewell. Happy Saturday!!
The 2011 Calgary Folk Music Festival was a big change for me to the previous three years. Despite getting a stomach bug I still ended up see more music as I didn't have interviews to do for MIX97.7 this year as they have switched formats... see my bio & blog pages for more on that.
My guests on Wide Cut Country were Matt Masters & The Gentlemen Of The Rodeo, Morgan O'Kane and John Showman & Ben Whiteley from New Country Rehab.
Talking with Matt Masters with Brian Dunsmore & Steve Loree doing their best to keep us on time & on air.
Matt Masters strumming the first few chords of Centennial Swell.
Matt & The Gentlemen Of The Rodeo
Gentleman Of The Rodeo - Peterbilt Pete, dressed in full folk fest cowboy dress.
Brian Dunsmore & Steve Loree keeping the show on the rails... except for a couple of brief power outages and a "no show" guest who was sick - neither of which was their fault.
Despite heavy rain on Friday, I never did realize I had a "hole in my sole" until after the festival. Lucky!
Unfortunately my planned fourth guest Martha Scanlon developed an abscessed tooth and couldn't attend the festival. With Morgan O'Kane running (literally) late it was nip & tuck on the timing of the show, However, they made it down and wowed the substantial crowd that had shown up to see them.
All was well in Wide Cut World!
Steve Loree making sure all was good on Morgan's sound
Morgan in full flight on the banjo during a great version of "Pendulum" from the soon-to-be-released album of the same name.
... and the crowd went wild! O'Kane onlookers (and dancers) loving what they were hearing and seeing.
Morgan O'Kane and his dynamic band. Aurally & visually captivating.
OK, now this is a cool shot! Two Calgary City Police walking behind the tent & looking like ghostly cavalrymen framed in the window.
Fiddler Ferd Moyse not only played great but has that kinda evil fiddler look... if ya know what I mean!?
I guess I was digging what they were doing.
John Showman of New Country Rehab ended up doing the show mostly solo. Bassist Ben Whitely also showed up, but was mostly AWOL due to an exploding bass - really!
Yeah, it was a good day after all. Many thanks to the bands, Brian, Steve & the crowds.
The Flatlanders (Joe Ely, Jimmie Dale Gilmore & Butch Hancock) on mainstage. A great way to end off the festival for Saturday and go for a good meal.
You always fly by the seat of your pants a bit broadcasting LIVE at festivals, but despite three brief power outages, one no-show guest, one late-show guest and an exploding bass... I have to say that it was a pretty darn good day!
Edmonton's 2011 Folk Music Festival featured a truly stunning line-up of roots & country performers, including: Lyle Lovett, The Flatlanders, The Del McCoury Band with The Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Nanci Griffith, Pieta Brown, Karla Anderson, Sarah Jarosz... you get the picture.
The absolute worst thing to come out of all these great acts performing on different stages is that you have absolutely no chance of catching everyone that you want to see.
I did OK though, and it was a GREAT weekend!
Just playing & having FUN seemed to be the main focus for Del & his band, along with everyone in the Preservation Hall Jazz Band
Members of the Del McCoury Band along with Preservation Hall Jazz Band. It's amazing how bluegrass and New Orleans jazz can mesh so well.
Best known for his acting, Tim Robbins was touring on the release of his musical debut. Y'know, he's not half bad!
Tim Robbins & The Rogues Gallery Band on a "Session Stage". Unlike some other actors-turned-"musicians",Tim has credibility in that his Father was in '60s folk group The Highwaymen as well as managing NYC's famed Gaslight Club. Tim has also been playing mandolin for years.
Not a bad line-up right here: Lyle Lovett, Guy Clark and Nanci Griffith. The Flatlanders were just out of the shot to Nanci's left.
Closing here eyes & diggin' the music. What's NOT to dig... being in between Guy Clark & Joe Ely!?
Joe Ely, Jimmie Dale Gilmore & Butch Hancock - The Flatlanders - on one of the Session Stages.
Joe Ely. On stage with The Flatlanders and laid back as usual.
Speaking of laid back... Jimmie Dale Gilmore on stage with The Flatlanders.Possibly the nicest, most unassuming musician out there.
Butch Hancock on stage with The Flatlanders. Make that THREE nice, mellow, unassuming guys! No wonder they've been lifelong friends. Coming up soon is the 40th Anniversary of their first recording.
Guy Clark on a Session Stage introducing a guy who really needs no introduction, his long-time friend and guitar accompanist, Verlon Thompson
The other problem for me with such a great line-up is deciding just who to have as guests on Wide Cut Country.
Luckily (in a way) some of the decision making was out of my hands due to travel schedules and "session stage" time conflicts. I ended up with two acts who are WCC "traditions", Mary Gauthier and Blackie & The Rodeo Kings. Winnipeg's Del Barber did a great job on his Wide Cut Country live debut, and the icing on the cake for me was a visit from veteran Guy Clark, who was last on the show nine years before.
Mary Gauthier has been on Wide Cut Country several over the years. It's always great to catch up on her projects as well as just stuff in general. Former Duhk Tania Elizabeth adds a superb touch to Mary's songs these days with her fiddle & percussion
Mary Gauthier & Tania Elizabeth on Wide Cut Country
Tania Elizabeth taking a solo for Mary Gauthier on Wide Cut Country
A bit blurry, but couldn't NOT get a shot of Tania Elizabeth's improvised rain boots. There was a chance of rain in the forecast & she didn't want her special sandals to get wet. A couple of garbage bags & a few knots later...
The live CKUA broadcasts from the festivals often becomes stages unto themselves. This crowd had settled in to see & hear Mary Gauthier
Preachin' to the choir... or bad altar boys maybe. Blackie & The Rodeo Kings on WCC. L to R: Colin Linden, Stephen Fearing, Tom Wilson
Kings talkin' about Queens. Each of the guys chatted about their roles in the Kings & Queens CD project
Colin plays while Tom evidently convinced Stephen there was something crawling in his hair...
Colin Linden & Stephen Fearing
Tom Wilson takes a solo
Me 'n the boys! Always good to see them. I had worked with them all separately years ago during my stint with Sony. Tom was in Junkhouse back then.
Winnipeg's Del Barber not only writes some great songs but can tell some damn fime funny stories too.
Del Barber in fine voice on Wide Cut Country
Time for a quick shot of me & Del before getting ready for Guy Clark
First thing I said to poor Guy Clark was "You were on my show nine years ago... you were late then too" (timing, it's all in the timing). We both laughed & Guy was just such a great, easy person to interview.
That's CKUA's Brian Dunsmore working the board behind us
Guy apologized profusely for being late. Hell, I was honoured & glad that he made it down at all. After my initial comment to him he got comfortable & came out with some great one-liners and funny stories
A quip then a sip! Not sure if Guy really needed any more caffeine at this point... but it didn't hurt
Guy Clark talking about the new live CD, "Songs And Stories"
Looking good Guy! He sat & chatted for a while when we were off-air, posed for a pic as well as doing some station IDs for me. Another WCC live from Edmonton under my belt. Can't help but be damn happy with it!
Off to the beer garden for a beer & a dog.
Having a legend like Guy come on the show, along with a great songwriter like Mary, who I've gotten to know really well over the years, is truly an honour.
With old friends like Colin, Stephen and Tom it's like old-home week. A reunion that reminds us all how long we've known each other, what we've been through and what has happened in (to) the music industry over those years.
A talented and enthusiastic "newcomer" like Del Barber can give you goosebumps and hope. Could HE mature into the next Guy Clark? You just never know... stay tuned.
Thank you all!
Chris Smither came and stood next to me to watch The Flatlanders, so figured I'd get a gratuitous pic taken.
Joe Ely motioned to him to come up and play, but Chris graciously declined.
Well, it took seven years (see 2004 Calgary Blues & Roots pics) but I FINALLY got all three guys together for a shot. Persistence pays off!
Jimmie Dale Gilmore
Due to scheduling conflicts a live Flatlanders interview couldn't work out, but I did manage to sit down on Sunday morning with Joe Ely to talk about his latest release "Satisfied At Last"
Joe's guitar
Butch Hancock... probably thinking up another great song while he's on stage with The Flatlanders
Just a few miscellaneous pics to finish off 2011 at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival. Thanks Terry Wickham!
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We had to scramble during the show to put up a makeshift awning, as it started to rain.
As they say in the biz... "The show must go on"... and go on it did, with Mike Lent's bass doing double duty as a tent post.
There was also some time to interview Stuart Vexler from the Kerrville Folk Festival.
Not a bad line-up all in all!
James Hand on stage at the  NOTsxsw at Opal Divines Penn Field in Austin
Robbie Fulks on Wide Cut Country
Robbie Fulks expressing an opinion while being interviewed on WCC
Robbie Fulks giving us another song
There are a couple of folks pictured to the left that I want to make a very special "tip of my hat" to.
Far left is Don Marcotte who was with CKUA for several years & always helped enormously on my live broadcasts, taking all my yelling in stride and getting the job done... & doing it well! Don ended up working at CBC, and I'm sure he still occasionally wakes up at night in a cold sweat hearing me in his nightmares yelling... Donnnnn!
David Ward, after many years as an integral part of CKUA, also left to work at the CBC, but he is one of those people in my life that just "clicks" and we will always be able to reconnect at the drop of a hat... and NO... my husband doesn't mind at all, in fact he's known David a lot longer than I have.
David was actually the first person I spoke to at CKUA when I was "pitching" Wide Cut Country. He was always very supportive and a great sounding board for creative ideas, music-specific questions, technical "stuff" and pretty much anything CKUA-oriented. Many thanks to both Don and David for their support and friendship. xo!
Finally getting to see, hear and meet Kasey Chambers was certainly a highlight. Kasey and husband Shane Nicholson were touring their wonderful "Rattlin' Bones" release. The shot here was taken in the green room where I got some station IDs... no thanks at all to Fred Eaglesmith, whose imitation of Kasey just didn't quite cut it.
The Steeldrivers were amazing too, both on and off stage. This was prior to Chris Stapleton unfortunately leaving the band. What a voice!
Well, I gotta admit that the Calgary Folk Festival 2010 edition was a very cool one for me, as I got to interview The Avett Brothers who were getting tons of play on Night Mix, and they were very appreciative of that.
Interviewing Michael Franti was a definite highlight too, although I did have some initial apprehensions about what he might be like. Well folks, a nicer guy probably doesn't exist on planet earth.
Believe me, it's VERY cool when an interviewee has such a calming effect on the interviewer. Michael has a knack of making you feel totally at ease... even to the extent of helping a non-techie type person (me) figure out a recording problem prior to the interview.
Also interviewed for MIX97.7 (but no pics I'm afraid) were Dan Mangan, Karla Anderson and Jon & Roy.
J.R. Shore on Wide Cut Country
Calgary Folk Festival Song Contest Winner, J.R. Shore
Mark Browning from Ox chatting on Wide Cut Country
Despite two bad knees, a bad hip and having no sessions scheduled until later in the afternoon, Guy got an early shuttle down from the hotel to the site to be on the show.
I had scheduled him as my last guest in order to give him more time to get to the site. Unfortunately a couple of snags made him a bit too late to get set up to play, but we had a great chat, & he was on form with some great one-liners along the way.​
Yeah, I have a great job, and if I ever need reminding about that fact, it's times like this that I remember. Guy didn't "need" to be on my show, not even to plug his new live disc...
He did it because he's a seasoned professional and a sweet, sincere guy. It's a very humbling experience.
NO... not that one. Try again
NO... not that one. Try again