2014: Corb Lund and his band spent just two nights recording
Counterfeit Blues at the legendary Sun Studio in Memphis.
Corb was really happy with how the 12-track "live-off-the-floor", "best-of" set turned out and want to do more down n' dirty, lesser produced records in future: performance over production!
Corb is also determined to be in a cowboy movie at some point.
2014: It had been a while since I'd spoken with Rodney Crowell,
so it was great to talk shortly after the release of "Tarpaper Sky", his debut album on the New West record label... even on a full day of phoners when everyone got just 15 minutes! NOT enough time to do justice to a great career AND a landmark album, especially after a glitch getting connected. DAMN!! You'll hear a "wrap it up" towards the end, cutting us short of my full 15 minutes.
**Voice Work & Demo**

Well, I've certainly done more than my fair share of talking over the years. Most of it has been as an On-Air radio announcer, but I have also read hundreds of commercial scripts, emceed concerts and other events as well as a few TV appearances along the way.

I am often asked to voice commercial spots and perform other "Voice Work". Here's a sample of how some different tempos & styles can sound like
Below is a very brief résumé in case you're interested in hiring my "pipes". 

A wide range of Commercial spots for various stations and companies, including CKUA & MIX97.7: Corb Lund: Syncrude: South Country Fair: Alberta Views: HSBC Bank Of Canada: Stadium Nissan: Alberta Innovates: Ian Tyson: Lyle Lovett: Guy Clark:

6 Rides To Sunday
(Documentary nominated in “Best Multicultural” category for a Golden Sheaf Award at the 2010 Yorkton Film Festival): Providing narrative / descriptive track for the visually impaired.
Stewart MacDougall
Terry Wickham
Scott MacLeod
Danny Mack
"Wide Cut Country"
Saturdays 10am-Noon (Mtn)
"Wide Cut Country" 10th Anniversary Greetings

I feel honoured (as well as very lucky) to have interviewed many great artists and bands during my years in radio, some of them live in the studio, at festivals or other locations and others by phone.
Unfortunately I don't have copies of ALL of them, but there are many that I have archived and am making available for your listening pleasure.
Some are just clips, others are as they were originally aired (although they may not have music included) and some are in their "raw state" prior to editing, so you get to hear the whole shebang - warts 'n all!
Audrey Auld
Sam Baker
Slaid Cleaves
Steve Coffey
Earl Brothers
Mary Gauthier
Tim Hus
Romi Mayes
Linda McRae
Gurf Morlix
Scott Nolan
Kimmie Rhodes
Tom Russell
Gordie Tentrees
Jann Arden
2007Blackie & The Rodeo Kings live on
Wide Cut Country at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival. I hadn't seen the guys in a while and it was great to get them all together again on the show... even Tom didn't cause too much trouble!
2004: Merle Haggard phone interview. We were asked to keep the interview to 10 minutes max, but Merle kept talking and changing subjects. I think we ended up chatting for 40 minutes, but who am I to tell Merle to quit talking? Merle mentions Iris Dement's cover of "Big City", which I highly recommend if you've never heard it.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
2006: Billy Cowsill Tribute Show included many phone interviews conducted with Billy's family & friends the week after his death on February 18, 2006. I'd edited & compiled the clips & music, but it was all put together & aired LIVE on February 25th. HUGE thanks to my good friend & colleague David Ward who kept us on the rails.
Part 1
Part 2
Happy Talk, Keep Talking Happy Talk...
2006: SXSW Sam Baker interview in Austin. The first time I met Sam, and right from the start (as many of you know) there's something about the guy that draws you in. CKUA listeners instantly adopted Sam. We've subsequently become great friends and stay in touch frequently.
2006: SXSW Bobby Earl Smith interview outside Opal Divine's Penn Field location. Bobby Earl had recently released Turn Row Blues, his first album in some years, via the FAR dj mailing list, & met up at the 3rd Coast Music NOT SXSW showcase.
2006: SXSW Bruce Robison interview in Austin. Took place in Bruce's office above his studio just before the release of his Eleven Stories CD. His accountant had dropped off an advance copy at the hotel the night before. Bruce is married to Kelly Willis, and he also mentions his sister, Robyn Ludwick. He's Tall!
2006: SXSW Dale Watson interview took place in the parking lot behind Jo's Coffee Shop on South Congress in Austin, as did several others. Traffic, birds, people & coffee machines added ambiance & somehow made everyone at ease, including me.
2006: SXSW Hank III interview was in a nearby restaurant right after my chat with Dale Watson, & as you hear in Dale's interview, they're friends. Dale came over with me & I got a great photo opp w/the legendary Grandson of Hank Sr... an outlaw two-fer!
2006: Fred Eaglesmith released Milly's Cafe back in June 2006, and when I called him to do the interview he was actually in his truck & pulled off the road to chat for a while. Part 3 begins with a reference to Willie P. Bennett, who was with Fred for years, prior to his unfortunate death back in February of 2008.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
2011Gurf Morlix had just released his tribute to Blaze Foley: "Blaze Foley's 113th Wet Dream" when this interview aired, but it was recorded back in November 2010 when Gurf was in Alberta with Sam Baker and they hung out with me for a couple of days at Wide Cut Country HQ in chilly Pincher Creek.
Part 1
Part 2
2009When Rosanne Cash released The List in October 2009 I was thrilled to be asked to do a phone interview with her. We had met briefly back in 2004 (see PICS page) and this ended up just being such a nice "chat" that I've left it raw and unedited.
2006: I spoke to Linda Ronstadt just before her August 9th show at the Jack Singer Hall in Calgary. It was the first stop on her tour with cajun singer/musician Ann Savoy with whom she had just released Adieu False Heart. With no superstar pretention at all, Linda signed off: "...if you need anything else just give us a holler"!
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
2009Losin' Lately Gambler came out in September, & Corb Lund came by the Mix97.7 studio to talk about the disc (his first signed to a US label). The Lunds have ranched in Alberta for years, & in "Part 3" Corb shows his awareness of (& passion for) the environment, the subject matter of his song This is My Prairie.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
You're Tuned In To Radio Brock
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2011This interview with Guy Clark was a real highlight for me at the Edmonton Folk Festival. It almost didn't happen as Guy was quite late and arrived towards the end of the show, but I'd rather have a brief interview with a legend than none at all. It was nine years since I had last interviewed Guy... and he was late then too!
2011Del Barber was definitely the young'un on my live broadcast from the Edmonton Folk Festival this year, but if he continues as he has there's a good chance that he'll be around for many years to come. He's funny, engaging and already a great songwriter who seems mature beyond his years. Keep listening to him!
2012: Linda McRae & her husband James Whitmire stopped by the home studio in late April. Linda was touring Alberta to celebrate the release of "Rough Edges And Ragged Hearts". The interview aired May 5th to coincide with the disc being my CD Of The Week on CKUA... and I got the @%*#!% title wrong right out of the gate!?
After seeing Rosanne in October 2012 (along with husband John Leventhal) at The Webber Academy in Calgary I was inspired to rerun part of this interview on Wide Cut Country on November 10, 2012. Here is the interview start to finish. I hope you enjoy it.
2012: Having Jim Lauderdale​ on as one of my Wide Cut guests at the Edmonton Folk Festival this year was not only a highlight but a blast!! He's one of my all-time favourite singers AND songwriters. He's funny but also very sincere. He hinted at getting a CKUA shirt during the interview... ask & ye shall receive!
#5-Billy & Bruce 2006
#4-Merle 2004
#6-Sam & Bobby 2006
#5-Billy & Bruce 2006
#6-Sam & Bobby 2006
#7-Dale & Hank 2006
#7-Dale & Hank 2006
#9-Linda Ronstadt 2006
#8-Fred Eaglesmith 2006
#10-BARK 2007
#11-Corb Lund 2009
#2-Rosanne Cash 2009
#12- Gurf & Del 2011
#13-Guy Clark 2011
#12- Gurf & Del 2011
#1-Linda McRae 2012
#2-Jim Lauderdale 2012
#16-Avetts 2010
2010: Seth Avett acted as spokesman for the Avett Brothers
when I spoke to them at the 2010 Calgary Folk Music Festival. 
Their Rick Rubin-produced album "I and Love and You" was extremely successful at the time, but there was absolutely no sign of fame going to the collective heads of these rising stars.
#17-Ray Wylie 2009
 2009: Ray Wylie Hubbard is a hell of a songwriter and one of the original "Outlaws" before it became a catch-all term. Ray was due to be a guest on Wide Cut Country on Saturday morning but was a no-show.​ We hitched up on Sunday instead for an interview... Ray said he & his wife/manager had been "communicating by rumour"
#18-James Hand 2006
2006: SXSW James Hand interview went a bit sideways at times, but it all came out in the wash. We met quite early on the Friday morning (never a good time for musicians) of SXSW, and James had been up late, playing a lot and let's just say... not at his best.
Luckily a couple of "handlers" made sure he was there on time.
I'd been a James Hand fan for several years at this point and was really happy when this truly authentic country singer / songwriter (THE REAL DEAL) got signed to the Rounder label. This was my first time at SXSW in Austin and I fitted in a ton of interviews.
It was great to catch his gig down at Opal Divine's Penn Field
#3-Ricky Skaggs 2012
2012: Ricky Skaggs has been on my interview wish-list for a long time, so I was over the moon when this opportunity came up at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival. Ideally I would have liked twice as long to sit and hear lots more stories from his long & prolific career, but he sure was a hit with the festival audience that gathered.
#20-Justin & Corin
 2013: With the release of "VALLEYHEART" (his first release in three years) on February 12th, a phoner with Justin Rutledge was my first interview of 2013. We chatted about his budding acting career, time spent in the studio and his songwriting process... which just might surprise you!
#20-Justin & Corin
 2013Corin Raymond had been on a pretty unique quest for a while; rounding up as much Canadian Tire Money as he could from fans & supporters all across the country. "PAPER NICKELSis the resulting 2CD / 140 page booklet all bound like a hard cover book.
Hear my entire interview with Corin by clicking on the image.
#23-Tom Wilson 2013
 2013I've known Tom Wilson since my marketing days with Sony Music when we launched Junkhousethose "four rounders from Hamilton" ...tell it like it is I say! We've remained fast friends over the years & can pick up any time, anywhere like it was yesterday. We talk about the new LeE HARVeY OsMOND, family life & more.
#24-Gurf 2013
 2013I'm definitely a fan, but am also lucky enough to be able to call Gurf Morlix a friend. We hitched up in person at the Toronto Folk Alliance where he showcased "Finds The Present Tense", but I'd done this phone interview just prior to that. Some aired on the March 2nd 2013 Wide Cut Country, but here is the whole thing.
#25-Patershuk & Penner 2013
 2013This debut from Matt Patershuk was an instant HIT for me!
"Outside The Lights Of Towncaught my ear right away, which is pretty rare for a new indie submission, and I get a lot!
I'm sure this won't be the last time that we talk.
The whole interview is posted. You can find more on Matt HERE 
 2013Cam Penner is a pretty prolific songwriter who has never disappointed me, but "To Build A Firedefinitely has a different feel & groove to it & took a few listens to "get", but then... Oh Yeah!
Listen to Cam talk about moving to Nelson, BC and how the album unfolded for him & his right-hand man Jon Wood... then BUY IT!!
#25-Patershuk & Penner 2013
#21-Scott & Holly 2013
 2013Scott Cook came by the Wide Cut Country home studio in early June as he was on the road celebrating the release of his new CD, "One More Time Around". Luckily Scott is a mellow & laid back guy, as this casual "chat" was only arranged the previous night down at the Twin Butte General Store where I caught his gig.
Complete Interview
"Big Chief" from
"The Folk Sinner" by
Psycho Blues:
Quest for Näcken
 features Gurf Morlix & was directed by
 Kevin Triplett
(Blaze Foley: Duct Tape Messiah)
"In The Corner, At The Table, By The Jukebox"
by James Hand at the 2006 SXSW gig that I saw
 2013Tim Hus was the last person ever to open for Stompin' Tom Connors on tour. The "Canadiana Cowboy" released "Western Star" (his 6th album & 3rd for the Stony Plain label), on September 10th and kicked off his CD release tour with two shows at The Empress Theatre in Fort MacLeod. I interviewed him on the afternoon of his opening night.
 2013I was happy to hear that Holly Williams would be opening for John Hiatt at his July 10 Calgary show and immediately set up a phoner with her. She was in London, England & just preparing to head off to a bash given for her by friend Gwyneth Paltrow, but was a VERY gracious interviewee, making no attempt to rush at all and even asked me if I had a request for the concert - That's COOL!
Part 1
Part 2
 2013Sam Baker is one of those people who you can connect and re-connect with at any time over any distance. We were well overdue for a catch-up as Say Grace was released earlier in 2013. Sam was on the road (literally) & we had a few good laughs as he kept opening the door &/or turning on the ignition causing the car's warning beeper to sound. Here is the whole chat... beeps & all!!
Part 1
Part 2
 2013For those who were lucky enough to catch the great Jim Lauderdale at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival... especially LIVE on Wide Cut Country in 2012, you know just what a treat it was to see and hear this "Americana" music legend. Jim is such an affable, prolific, busy and all-round nice guy. He took close to an hour out of his day in early October 2013 to chat with me by phone.
Part 1
Part 2
2013: It sure was a thrill for me to have Rosanne Cash and
John Leventhal LIVE on Wide Cut Country at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival on August 10th 2013. They were kind enough to give all of those gathered around a 3-song taster from "The River And The Thread" (due January 14th 2014) as well as Rosanne's classic song Seven Year Ache
Part 1
Part 2
Carrie & Danny
2014: My first interview of 2014 happened on January 8th when I had Carrie Elkin & Danny Schmidt (and John Wort Hannam) over for supper. They were in the middle of an Alberta tour and staying with John & his wife Jenny just "down the road" from me. We talked about their upcoming debut album as a true duo (in the can & due out in May) as they'll be getting married later in 2014!
#21-Scott & Holly 2013
2013: Joe Nolan was my first guest of the morning on Wide Cut Country at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival on August 10th 2013. He admitted to being up pretty late the night before but was on time, talkative and played & sang just GREAT! We talked about his upcoming (Jan 2014) release & the writing & recording process of such a young talent.
2013: It had been a LONG time since Russell DeCarle and I had seen each other, so it was a treat to have him on Wide Cut Country at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival. His voice is still stunning (as are those blue eyes) and it was just like chatting to a friend that I'd had coffee with the day before.
Del Barber
2014: Del Barber was on my show live back in 2011 (HERE), & I have to say that he impressed the hell out of me! He talked about songwriting, playing, his career and "the biz" like a seasoned pro instead of a relative newcomer.
Prairieography is a HUGE leap forward! Production is excellent, as is the musicianship & the songwriting just keeps getting better.
Complete Interview
Complete Interview
Corin Raymond
2014: Corin Raymond is definitely one of my favourite performers. He's a great songwriter but LOVES to promote HIS favourite writers by singing and recording their songs.
Corin was touring Alberta, so it was a perfect time to catch up on what he was up to. Corin requested that I post the interview as it aired, music & all, however, the "phoner" in the raw is also here.
Interview As Aired 
February 15 2014
Complete Interview
Old Man Luedecke
2014: It's not common for a roots performer to add a drum machine to their songs but that's what Chris "Old Man" Luedecke wanted to do after being inspired by his friend Joel Plaskett's music.
"I Never Sang Before I Met You" is a great collaborative EP, produced by Joel, that had just been released on the True North label at the time of the interview.
Complete Interview
2014: In March Grant Peeples released Punishing The Myth, his third album with Gurf Morlix producing and adding several other nice touches, musically & vocally.​ The interview aired with three tracks from the album. Click the band pic to hear the complete conversation with this interesting and compelling songwriter who really makes you THINK about what you hear!
Grant Peeples
Grant recorded some WCC "liners" for me. He's very proud to be an honourary Albertan (invited to play in the Alberta Room at the Folk Alliance), and did this totally unscripted. What a guy!!
Carlene Carter
2014: I spoke with Carlene Carter a couple of weeks prior to the release of her "Carter Girl" album; her first for Rounder Records.
This is Carlene's first release since 2009s "Stronger" on Yep Roc and the first focussing entirely on the legacy of the Carter Family; She carries the torch passionately, proudly and capably.
Check out the amazing similarity between Carlene and her Mother.
Part 1
Part 2
Rodney Crowell
Complete Interview
Corb Lund
Part 1
Part 2
Chip Taylor
2014: While he may no longer be a "Wild Thing", Chip Taylor can sure come up with some great & interesting lyrics & concepts. "The Little Prayers Trilogyis a 3CD set of stories and thoughts that Chip has just released on his own Train Wreck record label and he's heading to Alberta for a few dates shortly.
This was a tough interview to edit for broadcast as Chip has so much to say; all of it interesting - so I'm glad that I can give you the whole nine yards here. Enjoy!
Part 1
Part 2
Complete Interview
2015Well it is always a great event for me when Ian Tyson puts out a new album. At age 81, Ian has just released a brand new album called "Carnero Vaqueroon the Stony Plain label, his label home for many years now.
Ian chats about his "new" voice, the writing and recording process and lots more. This is the entire phone chat, warts & all... without the music tracks that went to air on the finished interview. Hope you dig it.